We know you’ve got lots of questions, so here are some answers to satisfy your curiosity!

1. Where and when can I read the story?
Instalments of the story are available to read on this website every weekday from 26th May until Friday 10 July 2020 when the story ends. Go to the ‘Read the Story’ page and scroll down the page to find earlier chapters.

2. How many chapters will there be each day?
Every day, Monday to Friday, a new instalment will be released. There might be two chapters in an instalment one day and three the next. There will be no instalments over the weekend, so you’ll have to count down the hours until the following Monday.

3. How do I read the story?
The most exciting way to read the story is day by day, as new chapters are released. You can read it yourself, or have it read to you, like J.K. Rowling read it to her children.

4. Do I have to pay to read the story?
No, the story is free to read from this website.

5. What age is the story suitable for?
The story is primarily aimed at seven to nine year olds. It’s a story best read aloud, so if you have someone to read it to you, even better!

6. Will there be pictures to go with the story?
No, that’s your job! Each day after the new instalments have been released, J.K. Rowling will suggest which characters and scenes you might like to draw. If you’d like to, you can then enter your drawing into The Ickabog Illustration Competition when an illustration competition is running in your country.

7. What is The Ickabog Illustration Competition?
It’s the official competition being run by J.K. Rowling’s publishers, to find illustrations for the book of The Ickabog when it’s published. For more details about the competition, go here.

8. How can I enter The Ickabog Illustration Competition?
Each publisher that will be publishing The Ickabog will be running their own competition in their country or countries for children to draw pictures that will then be included in their edition of The Ickabog. More details here.

You can only enter by going to the publisher’s website – you cannot enter on this website. Click here to see if there is a competition running in your country.

9. When will the Ickabog Illustration Competition open in my country?
All the Ickabog Illustration Competitions run by publishers across the world will be open by 5th June. Click here to check whether there is one in your country, and where to enter.

10. Is there a prize?
There will be a prize for each winner of The Ickabog Illustration Competition – please see details on the publishers’ competition websites. But the biggest prize will be that your picture will feature in a book that thousands of people will see!

11. Can I email my picture in for the competition? What is the deadline for the competition?
For more details on how to enter and to see if there is a competition in your country please click here.

12. How old do I have to be to enter the competition?
The age range for the official competition is seven to twelve years old, because that is the reading age that the story is aimed at, and J.K. Rowling wanted those readers to be the ones to illustrate her book.

13. How many times can I enter the competition?
Your parent or guardian can enter one illustration per child in each household for each daily theme throughout The Ickabog Illustration Competition. For more details on the entry criteria for your country, please see your local publisher’s competition page, details of which can be found here.

14. Who will be judging the competition?
Each publisher will be judging the entries to their own competitions. For more details on how to enter and to see if there is a competition in your country please click here.

15. Why do I have to give permission to the publisher to use the artwork entered into the competition?
Why do I have to ‘assign’ my child’s rights to if my child’s artwork is selected as one of the winners of the competition and what does this mean?

Entrants to the official competitions will be asked to give the publisher running the competition their permission/rights to use the artwork on social media and on the Ickabog website gallery, and, if they win, to use the artwork in the finished book and the promotion around it. This is an exciting part of the prize, and J.K. Rowling’s royalties from the book will be donated to projects and causes which support people affected by the coronavirus, so it’s all for a good cause.

16. How can I share my pictures?
You – or your parent or guardian if you are under thirteen – can share your pictures on Twitter and Instagram by using the hashtag #TheIckabog. By using this hashtag, you agree to the social media and gallery terms and agree that we can share your pictures on our social channels and in the Illustration Gallery on this website.

Please remember that posting on social media doesn’t count as an entry to The Ickabog Illustration Competition.

17. If my picture is shared on social media will I win a prize?
No, you will only win a prize if you are a winner of The Ickabog Illustration Competition by submitting your entry through the competition run by the local publisher. We’d also love to feature your pictures on the official Ickabog social channels though, so please do share them with us, but don’t forget that sharing your picture on social media doesn’t count as an entry to the competition. If you are under thirteen you will need to ask your parent or guardian to share your picture for you on social media. Our Social Media and Gallery Terms can be found here.

18. If my picture is featured on theickabog.com will I win a prize?
No, the Illustration Gallery is just a way for us to showcase some of your brilliant work while the competition is running. The judges of each publisher’s illustration competition will independently decide the winners of the pictures to be published in their editions of the book.

19. When will a book version of The Ickabog be published?
The Ickabog will be published in print, audio and eBook by the UK and US publishers in November 2020. Local editions will also be published in other countries and languages around the world from November 2020. Each local edition of the book will include illustrations by the winners of the competition in that territory.

20. Will the book be available as an eBook and audiobook?
There will be an eBook and audiobook version published at the same time as the print edition.

21. J.K. Rowling says that she will be pledging her royalties to charitable causes. Which ones? Will proceeds go to the NHS?
The author intends to donate her royalties to support Covid-19-related causes. More details to follow later this year.

22. Is this a Harry Potter or Wizarding World story? Is there any magic or wizards? Is it the first in a series?
The Ickabog is not a Harry Potter story, nor is it set in the wizarding world. It is a completely separate story by J.K. Rowling, a fairy tale, set in an imaginary country called Cornucopia. You can read the story on this website. It is a one-off and not part of a series.

23. Will the book be translated into other languages?
Yes, the book will be translated into other languages, just as the competition will run in other countries. Details of which languages will be announced soon.

24. Will there be a movie adaptation? Will there be a stage play?
At the moment there are no plans to make a movie or stage adaptation of The Ickabog.